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Spur Gear

We are completely committed to deliver high quality spur gears to our customer expectations. Spur gears are the simplest and the most common type of gears. These gears having involute teeth cut on a cylindrical surface that transmits rotary motion between two parallel shafts. These Gears in mesh are capable of transmitting power and uniform rotary motion from one gear to another. The gear transmitting the power or motion is called the driver gear and the gear connected to the drive gear is called the driven gear and these gears must be the same diametral pitch and pressure angle. Spur gear provide a positive, constant speed drive, the speed depends on the number of teeth in the driving gear.

Spur gears are suitable for wide range of products like construction equipments, agriculture equipments, machine tools, marine hoists, conveyors, indexing equipments and multi-spindle drives. These gears are available in different materials like alloy steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum, plastic and phenolic.
With our experience we offer high quality gears that exceed our customers expectations and we work closely with our customers to minimise their cost and on-time delivery. We manufacture spur gear in various sizes, from minimum of 10 mm outside diameter to maximum of 750 mm outside diameter and a length up to 400 mm. Module measurement of 0.5 module to 12 module. These spur gears are made as per the customer requirements.