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Timer Pulleys

We completely committed to delivering high quality timer pulleys. Timing pulley is a specific class of pulleys that contains toothed members, because of the toothed nature of the components specific reduction ratios can be obtained along with increased power torque rating over non toothed pulley. Advantages of timing pulley is the teeth on the belt mesh with the teeth of pulley which eliminates slippage, positive and to maintain constant angular velocity. Force is transmitted via evenly spaced grooves which mates with the teeth in the belt.

Timing pulleys are made of metals and plastic and combination metals, factors such as environmental conditions, design horse power, operating temperature and cost determines the best material choice. Metal pulleys are made of steel, aluminum and bronze. Plastic pulleys are made of acetal, nylon or polycarbonate materials.

Timing pulleys are used in the following area such as sugar industry, hydro electric turbines, quarries, paper industry, metal mills, hammer mills, cable manufacturing plant and suitable for many different applications. Where maintenance of speed ratio is an important design consideration.

We believe the foundation of our business success rests on unyielding honesty, trustworthiness and to fulfill our promises to one another, our customers. We manufacture timer pulley in various sizes, from minimum of 10 mm outside diameter to maximum of 750 mm outside diameter and a length up to 400 mm. These timer pulley are made as per the customer requirements.