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Helical Gear

Helical gear is a cylindrical gear wheel having the tooth form generated on a helical path about the axis of the wheel. While meshing these angled teeth creates a thrust load on the gears, the teeth of the helical gear are curved along the helical path and these gear engages more gradually than the spur gear. It provides a stronger, smoother and quieter operation because of its successive teeth coming in to action and it transfers load uniform and gradual. These types of gear need a pair of gears that is right-hand with one left-hand helical gear.

The important measurements that should be considered while selecting helical gears are number of teeth, pitch diameter, outside diameter, center distance are all factors in its performance and effectiveness. There are different types of helical gears such as cross helical gear, double helical gear and herringbone gears. Material used for helical gear ranges from all types of steel, stainless, cast iron, bronze, plastic, phenolic, etc.

Helical gears are used in various industries, like the power industry, mining industry, steel industry, rubber industry, textile industry, automotive industry, earth moving industry, packaging machinery, machine tools and many more.

We are committed to provide customers with high quality gears and best service needed to create and sustain in gear manufacturing system. We manufacture helical gear in various sizes, from minimum of 10 mm outside diameter to maximum of 750 mm outside diameter and a length up to 400 mm. Module measurement of 0.5 module to 12 module. These helical gears are made as per the customer requirements.