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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying high performance sprockets. These are cylindrical shaped with teeth around the circumference at either end projects through Perforations whose teeth engage the links of a chain. There are different types of sprockets like simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruple body with plain bore or taper lock bore depending upon the applications and service requirements. We manufacture sprockets in various sizes, from minimum of 10 mm outside diameter to maximum of 750 mm outside diameter and a length up to 400 mm. These sprockets are made as per the customer requirements.
Sprocket are used in many power transmission drive system, here a sprocket and a chain are needed to transmit rotary motion over a distance and the main advantages in this drive systems are center distance much less restricted, greater efficiency, higher drive ratio at short center distance, transmits power more smoothly, significantly higher speeds and power capacity, effective in oil filled gear boxes, less vibration, larger ratio possible, with stand heavier overloads and relatively inexpensive.

Sprockets are used in various industries like automobile industry, glass and plastic industries, petro chemicals, textile machinery, food plants, farm equipments, building construction equipments, film and conveyor chain transmit system. The materials used to manufacture sprockets are alloy-steel, steel, cast-iron, bronze, aluminum and plastic, acetal and nylon.

With our commitment to Quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Our work process are focused on meeting their requirements and creating value by enhancing their operational excellence.